Margo Buchanan shares her brand new single "Face Of The Moon" with glorious wit and stunning voice

With such dreamy vocals, intertwined with an etherical acoustic, Pop production, Margo has composed an classic experience with this mind relaxing new single. Whilst still maintaining Margo’s classic sound, this is one of her more commercial releases with its infectiously catchy hook and captivating verses. The video pacts a wonderfully nostalgic energy and great graphics! The song completely encapsulates the listener, taking them on a cinematic journey. 

Who is she - Margo Buchanan was born in Lanark, Scotland. She has lived in London since 1982. She left school and joined her first band at 15. She then moved to Coventry, where she was offered a job with the Specials if she dyed her hair blonde. She declined, and regretted it for years. To support herself while writing music, Margo put herself up for session work, which she absolutely loved and which has became a substantial part of her career. She has recorded and performed with many artists, including Joni Mitchell, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Jools Holland, Tina Turner, David Gilmour, Joe Walsh, Van Morrison, Robert Plant, Paul Weller, Madness. 

She performed at both HM Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace and the Princess Diana Memorial Concert at Wembley Stadium and recently performed solo with an 85 piece orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. Having spent most of her career supporting so many amazing artists. She has spent Covid 19 lockdown writing and creating a new album, with her husband Paul “Wix” Wickens who has been Musical director for Paul McCartney for 30 years.“40Years” her first album for 10 years, featuring many of her favorite musicians, will be released October 2021. The new single from the forthcoming album, available now is called “Face Of The Moon”.

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Check the official video below.