Ro Jordan Shares Her Brand New Single "NORTHERN LIGHTS"

This latest single, ‘Northern Lights’ from BBC Artist and Producer, Ro Jordan, reaches a new level of story-telling in songwriting, creating a movie romance in just one song that completely encapsulates the listener, taking them on a cinematic journey.

With such dreamy vocals, intertwined with an etherial acoustic, Pop production, Ro has composed an ‘Old Hollywood’ movie experience with this promising new single. Whilst still maintaining Ro’s classic sound, this is one of her more commercial releases with its infectiously catchy hook and emotionally captivating verses. The lyrics explore this idea of being hypnotized, almost blinded by infatuation with someone, as you become stuck in the “Honeymoon phase”. By using metaphorical lyricism, Ms. Jordan cleverly disguises the ‘Northern Lights’ as actually being the colours of her partner’s eyes. Creating memorable melodies, Jordan has single-handedly produced yet another triumphant Pop single that showcases her ever-growing vocal range, defining her own original sound as a Producer & Artist.

The music video will be available on the 28th of May on Ro Jordan’s YouTube channel. The video pacts a wonderfully nostalgic energy and uses the narrative of the camera, actually being her partner, so that you are looking at Ro, through their eyes. It perfectly captures the essence of this summer anthem. We follow Ro in her car(Audrey Hepburn style), in her pursuit to find that “Butterfly” feeling with someone on a journey to the Northern Lights.

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Check the song out below.

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