$uicideBoy$ Drop Off "New Profile Pic"

 $uicideboy$ have returned with their single "New Profile Pic," an eerie banger off their upcoming album "The New Normal."  

The $uicideboy$ are back in town, coming through to deliver their brand new single "New Profile Pic." In keeping with tradition, the duo's latest features a vaguely sinister beat, a blend of eerie horror-flick piano and southern-inspired bounce. Off the top, Ruby Da Cherry sets it off with a detached singsong delivery. "Swinging on 'em, make their face lumped, take ’em to the lakefront," he spits. "And roll 'bout eight blunts, now my face numb from the Grey bumps."

$crim holds it down with the second verse, coming through with a rapid-fire flow. "Creepin' round your motherfucking block with no plates, mane," he raps, as the ghoulish soundscape floats beneath him. "Make your motherfucking front yard to a gun range / Blocka-blocka with the choppa, turn your name to a stain." At this moment, $uicideboy$ are among the few keeping the southern horrorcore aesthetic alive, and "New Profile Pic" is a welcome addition to their deep and disturbing catalog. Check it out now, and show some love to Ruby and $crim in the comments below.  


Represent that East 59, it's a Grey thing  
Creepin' round your motherfucking block  
with no plates, mane  
Make your motherfucking front yard to a  
gun range  
Blocka-blocka with the choppa, turn  
your name to a stain

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