The Weeknd's NFT Single "The Source" Is Haunting

 "The Source" NFT has many facets.  

The world of crypto can be confusing. NFTs are digital assets that are unique. Think of them like video game skins that kids buy: they only exist in the digital realm and you buy them for clout. And they're unique and cool. The world of NFTs is more complicated than that, and musicians have started to make a bunch of profit off them.

The Weeknd auctioned off his first NFT collection today, and of course, it has hit the internet. For those who understand NFTs, this means we can listen to a copy of the song, although we don't own the artwork or the NFT. The lucky person who got the 1 of 1 NFT song and artwork is sitting pretty right now though.  

The single is called “The Source” and is part of a collection called “Acephalous.” The collection highlights eight pieces: the 1 of 1 "The Source" full song and accompanying digital artwork, along with several other edits and cuts of the song that also have their own artwork. The digital art was made in collaboration with Strangeloop Studios.  

Quotable Lyrics  

Said, I'll never leave you alone  
But this part you do on your  
your own I said, I'll never leave you alone  
But this part you do on your own, your  own

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