Stove God Cooks Links With French Montana For "Dope"


Stove God Cooks and French Montana connect to reflect on the highs and lows of the game on "Dope."  

Stove God Cooks has returned with "Dope," a new collaboration with the Coke Boy himself, French Montana. Taking to a melodic instrumental fueled by an intricately fingerpicked guitar, Stove God sets it off with a reflection on the high-risk high-reward environment of the drug game. "Plastic on the kilo pill, I start getting chills," he begins. "When you built your shit from nothing, that's a different feel / when they sentence you in months boy that's a different deal / I'm counting down my n***a sentence on a Richard Mille." 

Montana holds it down with the second verse, keeping true to his roots with a welcome return to his early-career subject matter. "Dope got me to the boat," he spits. "Ballin' like Steve Francis, truck bulletproof like Francis the Pope / dope money lost a lot of dawgs in the field / pouring liquor for my homies gon' need a liquor deal."  

Check out "Dope" now, and keep an eye out for more new music from Stove God Cooks and French Montana.  


Dope got me to the boat  
Ballin' like Steve Francis, truck  
bulletproof like Francis the Pope  
Dope money lost a lot of dawgs in the  
Liquor for my homies gon' need a liquor  

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