Polo G Delivers Aggressive Bars On SPOTEMGOTTEM's "Beat Box 5"

 Polo G delivers a standout verse as he takes on SpotemGottem's viral hit "Beat Box."  

SpotemGottem's viral hit from 2020, "Beat Box," has been huge on TikTok over the last few months and the song has also received plenty of remixes and new reworks. Pretty well every artist wants to try and give this track a verse, hence all of the versions that have come out. NLE Choppa, DaBaby, Pooh Shiesty, and many others have hopped on the beat and now, Polo G is doing the same.

While Polo G is mostly known for his smooth flow that has hints of melody, he opts for something much more aggressive this time around. His lyrics are shouted and it really feels like he is embracing the heavy 808s that are littered throughout the production. Overall, it's a great effort from the Chicago artist and we can only imagine who else will be delivering a new version of "Beat Box."  

Quotable Lyrics:  

FN knock his head off, fuck the jakes, we  
sped off  
Dissin' on the 'net 'bout Ed and Lil Bid  
got his mans chalked  
We gon' take his life, bitch, that's how  
much dissin' the dead cost  
I put that lil' bag up on his wig, he got his  
dreads bought

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