Open Mike Eagle Shines On The Lasso Production With "Gold Gloves"

 Open Mike Eagle and The Lasso deliver incredible vibes on "Gold Gloves."  

Mello Music Group delivered a brand new project on Friday called Bushido and the album has been receiving universal praise from hip-hop fans, especially those who prefer lyrics over anything else. There are a ton of great features throughout the entire run time and Open Mike Eagle is one of the more prominent names to be found across the tracklist. One of the best songs on here is a cut called "Gold Gloves" and it features the artist on top of production from The Lasso.

The Lasso offers up some incredibly crisp production here that will immediately grab your attention. From there, Open Mike Eagle is at his best poetically as he delivers bars about being from another planet and trying to get off the earth. There are some great lines to be had here and overall, it's another great effort from Mello Music Group.  

Quotable Lyrics:  

Confidence assured (confidence assured)  
Used to murder hoods  
Clearly, I forgot  
It's not like what I learned in books  
Too concerned to look and think it my  
My helm is broken, my head is swollen

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