Lil Yachty & Tee Grizzley Are Back At It On "Dynamic Duo"

 Lil Yachty and Tee Grizzley lock in for a banger.  

Lil Yachty's appreciation for Michigan is unlike any of his Atlanta counterparts. There are many connections between Detroit and Atlanta, and with Michigan's recent regional rise in the rap game, Yachty's shown a lot of love to the up-and-coming artists emerging out of the city. Of course, his relationship and early collaborations with Tee Grizzley have remained some of the best records in his arsenal.

His latest project, Michigan Boy Boat is an ode to his home away from home. He reconnects with Tee Grizzley on track 2, "Dynamic Duo," where they set ablaze an exhilarating beat from Helluva.  

"I always loved Tee Grizzley. “First Day Out” was such an insane song, and I thought he was so lyrical," Yachty explained to Complex of his connection to Detroit. "So I was working with him, and then my best friend Mitch started putting me on to other rappers locally who were on the rise, and I just loved their beats and their rapping schemes."  

Quotable Lyrics  

That's why I thank God I can eat with rap  
'Cause my gun like some silverware, yeah  
I can eat with that  
Since he a hot head, add some more heat  
to that  
Let that heater clap when he drop, we  
ain't gon' speak on that

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