Lil Yachty & Sada Baby Go Crazy On "SB 2021"

 Lil Yachty and Sada Baby team up for the animated "Michigan Boy Boat" standout track "SB 2021."  

Today, Lil Yachty finally dropped Michigan Boy Boat, and the 14-track mixtape is a bonafide love letter to Michigan Hip-Hop. Several Detroit natives and rappers spread across the state of Michigan are featured on the tape, including Tee Grizzley, Veeze, Baby Smoove, Louie Ray, RMC Mike, Icewear Vezzo, Rio Da Yung OG, Babyface Ray, Sada Baby, Baby Tron, Krispy Life Kidd, and Slap Savage, among others.

Of all of the artists featured, Sada Baby makes several appearances on Michigan Boy Boat, with electrifying guest verses on "SB 2021" and "SB5." While both are intriguing in their own right, the former of the two finds both Sada and Yachty going off on an energetic beat produced by Carlo Anthony.

The end result is equally chaotic and entertaining. Once again, Lil Yachty steps out of his comfort zone to give his best take on another Hip-Hop region's signature style, and although Sada Baby sounds way more at home in his element, "SB 2021" is still an unforgettable, even if uncomfortable, listening experience.  

Check out Lil Yachty and Sada Baby's adrenaline-fueled collaboration "SB 2021" below and let us know if you're feeling the Atlanta and Detroit rappers' chemistry.  

Quotable Lyrics  

Only be with gang, don’t like nobody  

where I'm from  

Ain’t got no friends in my bity, b*tch quit  

actin’ dumb  

Be with my brothers not no others, I ain’t  

got no love  

We do numbers every summer, that's  

why we got guns  

I still make a ton

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