Kevin Gates Bodies Pooh Shiesty Banger On "Back In Blood Freestyle"

 Kevin Gates comes through with some new bars, going in over Pooh Shiesty and Lil Durk's "Back In Blood" instrumental.  

Pooh Shiesty and Lil Durk's "Back In Blood" is proving to be quite the alluring instrumental, inviting emcees to step to YC's ominous piano-driven production with their best efforts. Today, Kevin Gates has come through to oblige, committing to the track's menacing vibe and letting fly some formidable lyricism. In fact, for those hoping to see Gates snapping with increased regularity, consider this a promising step in that direction.

As per usual, Gates brings a formidable presence to the mix, his commanding voice imbuing his bars with authority. That's not to say he's forsaken fun altogether; a playful section involving sex with one unfortunate cuckold's wife finds him upping his cadence to an amusing degree. For the most part, however, Gates is focused and driven by the ominous keys, stringing together a tight flow scheme as he reflects on his voyage from rags to riches and the resulting benefits. "Before lobster it was cereal and window unit friends, bitch I'm mafia material, could never take the stand," he raps. "This lil bopper she do miracles, now watch her move that ass."  

Check out Kevin Gate's standout take on "Back In Blood" now, and sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.  


Before lobster it was cereal and window  
unit friends,  
Bitch I'm mafia material, could never  
take the stand  
This lil bopper she do miracles, now  
watch her move that ass  
Out the plane, let out the parachute, and  
then went got the bag  
I'm like Puerto Rico Johnny with them  
bricks I'm driving fast  
I was on the phone with Draco out in  
ClayCo doing a dash

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