JMSN Is Back With "Rolling Stone"

 JMSN returns, finally, with the release of "Rolling Stone."  

JMSN has existed in a music space in one form or another for more than fifteen years. Nonetheless, it was when the Michigan-raised artist transitioned to his 'JMSN' moniker, circa 2011-2012, and was released from his Motown Records contract, that it appeared he truly found himself and his sound-- resulting in his debut album, Priscilla, which itself is a timeless album that you could easily still release (and replay!) today, now almost ten years later. 

We've been keeping tabs on JMSN for awhile, then. We've spoken to him over the years about his musical evolution, one which has continued to explore new sounds with each body of work the multi-hyphenate releases (it's worth noting he also plays many an instrument). And while JMSN had been in the habit of releasing at least one project per year--whether that be an EP or an album-- in recent years, his absence has been felt. The singer-slash-produce, who also founded his own label, White Room Records, hasn't released new music for basically two years now. He released his last album, the funky-soothing stylings of Velvet, back in 2018, and following that, in 2019, we received an album titled Live Atwater Village, which featured fan favorites recorded live. The thirst for new music from the under-the-radar singer, then, is pretty dire at this point.  

Today, we've been satiated - finally - with the release of "Rolling Stone." JMSN previously teased the release of the song on his socials, although he's not too active on twitter or Instagram, he seems to have started a JMSN Discord for those fans who need more information. Hopefully this new release means the next era of JMSN has arrived. And as far as what it'll hold, if "Rolling Stone" is any indication, JMSN is still in a r'n'b space, albeit one that's infused with jazz and funk, creating an altogether warm feeling.  

Take a listen and let us know if you've missed JMSN. You can catch an acoustic performance JMSN did back in our NY office five years ago below, and if you need more r'n'b jams in your life, check out our R&B SEASON playlist.  

Quotable Lyrics  

Ever since I been gone we’ve been driftin’  
As time passes on, distance grows  
When I finally get home, we go back to  
the start  
See, I never meant to be a rolling stone 

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