DMX Sought Guidance On "Lord Give Me A Sign"

 DMX took solace in his faith on the Scott Storch-produced "Lord Give Me A Sign," one of his many classic singles.  

It's a difficult time for DMX's family, friends, and fans, as the legendary rapper remains hospitalized in a vegetative state. Yet in the midst of the darkness comes a sliver of light, seen through the staggering amount of love X has been receiving on social media. Universally recognized as one of hip-hop's greatest rappers of all time, many have been vocally sharing their appreciation for X's deep and long-running catalog.

While much attention has been (rightfully) paid to his first four albums -- It's Dark & Hell Is Hot, Flesh Of My Flesh, And Then There Was X, and The Great Depression -- it feels appropriate to look to one of his Year Of The Dog...Again cuts, "Lord Give Me A Sign."  

Produced by Scott Storch, the spiritually-focused track managed to subvert expectation with a vaguely troubled guitar-fueled beat. X slides overhead with an adept flow, highlighting the inner duality that has long been a dominant driving force within his writing. No matter how dark circumstances may appear, DMX remains unwavering in his dedication to the Lord. Invoking Jesus Christ himself in the climax of his second verse, X proved that he could make a spiritually charged banger that still manages to hits hard.  

Bittersweet though it may feel to revisit DMX's music in this difficult time, there remains a comfort to be taken in knowing DMX's faith has endured so thoroughly for all these years. Please keep the rapper in your thoughts, and celebrate everything his legacy has to offer.  


Trapped in your own mind, waiting on  
the Lord  
Or hunting with the word that cuts like a  
The spoken word is stronger than the  
strongest man  
Carries the whole world like the  
strongest hand  
Through the trials and tribulations, you  
never let us down  
Jesus, I know you're here with us now  
Jesus, I know you're still with us now  
Keep it real with us now, I wanna feel, 
 show me how  
Let me take your hand, guide me

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