Check Out the Lifoti's Exclusively Published April/May 2021 Issue 13

 No doubt, as this month marks over a year of COVID-19, we have all developed our own varying opinions on video conferencing. Disregarding the usual gripes, one of the advantages we’ve enjoyed at Lifoti is the ease of communication with live music professionals from across the globe. While we pride ourselves on being an international and outward-looking publication – hence the little ‘i’ – this edition is especially far-reaching. We are also excited to announce our plans for this year’s Lifoti International Awards. 

In our April offering – a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and reinvention – we also take some time to speak to a number of musicians that have used this unprecedented time to carve out a niche in this ever-changing entertainment landscape. Also this issue, Christopher Nielsen interviewed the creative music journey. Christopher Nielsen is a true veteran of the music scene, But in our cover story he’s thoughtful, open and generous with his answers. Unpacking those 40 years- his come-up colliding with a short pause, and come up via “Our Voyage Home” & “Landscapes” - with journalist Maria Nicolas, you get the sense he’s reflecting on his situation in ways he hasn’t before. It’s an illuminating picture of a beloved artist easing his way back into the public eye.

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