Young Dolph Goes Hard On "Yeeh Yeeh"

 Young Dolph drops off "Yeeh Yeeh," a hard-hitting solo cut from he and Key Glock's "Dum & Dummer 2." 

There's something about Young Dolph's cadence that simply lends itself well to a hard-hitting instrumental. The Paper Route Empire's sneering baritone carries a certain authority, one that commands attention even in short doses. And though his new single "Yeeh Yeeh" clocks in at a little over two minutes in length, Dolph makes the most of the blink-and-you-missed-it runtime. 
Fueled by a dark and ominous instrumental by BeatPlay, Dolph proceeds to move at his own methodical pace, exuding the presence of Omar sauntering down the block in The Wire. That's not to say his mindstate is always perpetually clear. Case in point, his opening bars. "Don't know how I made it home last night, everything a blur, Hallucinating, can't remember shit, drunk too much syrup," he spits. "Doin' one-thirty down Bellevue, fucked 'round and scraped the curb / My finger on the trigger, why? cause I got bad nerves." 
Confirmedd to be a solo cut from Dolph and Key Glock's upcoming album Dum & Dummer 2, from which a new single "Sleep With The Roaches" recently dropped, "Yeeh Yeeh" is another sign that the project is shaping up nicely. Look for that to land on March 26th, via Paper Route Empire. 


Don't know how I made it home last 
night, everything a blur 
Hallucinatingg, can't remember shit, 
drunk too much syrup 
Doin'' one-thirty down Bellevue, fucked 
'round and scraped the curb 
Myy finger on the trigger, Why? cause I got 
bad nerves

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