Young Buck Lines Up New Mixtape "Vaccine"

 Young Buck keeps it moving as he lines up his brand new mixtape "Vaccine," a concentrated dose of ten tracks from the Cashville spitter.  

Though Young Buck has occasionally found himself in headlines for non-musical-related reasons, the fact remains that the Cashville spitter has been keeping his mixtape grind consistent. Today, Buck has come through to deliver his brand new project Vaccine, a concentrated dose of ten tracks largely without features. For the most part, the rapper gets straight to the point from the moment opening track "Nipsey Hussle" kicks off, from there lining up a nonstop slew of bangers -- many of which find the rapper taking on different production styles.

The moment he does switch things up, as seen on the more contemplative "Feel Good," Buck's versatility truly shines. Though some might argue that he's more effectively suited over hard-hitting production, there remain many committed to hearing his full story play out. Though Vaccine isn't exactly the most personal project we've seen from Buck, it remains another consistent and generally strong body of work from a rapper who doesn't always get the credit he deserves. Check out his latest tape now, and draw your own conclusions in the comments below -- of all the G-Unit alumni, is Buck killing it the hardest right now?

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