Take A Look On G Lett's Hypnotic & Dance Floor Banger "Swimming In Your Mind"

G Lett refuses to let funk and soul fade away, delivering a dynamic full course music meal. Multi genre vocalist , producer and singer-songwriter G Lett prides himself on having a sound that's not too alien but one he can call his own.

G Lett's track "Swimming In Your Mind," apart from its gorgeous production, is a surface-level track about wanting to dance. At a runtime of three minutes, getting lost in the nostalgic simplicity of "Swimming In Your Mind" is joyously unavoidable, making G Lett's song an easy addition to any party or kickback playlists. 

Swimming in your mind is all kinds of funked up, asking the listeners to take a trip in the better halves mind to see what it would be like if only for a day or two to visualize and feel what their partner does. 

The track punches its way through from a scuttle intro to a full blown funked out west coast type 'get on the dance floor' and show us what you've got. 

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Check out the "Swimming In Your Mind" from G Lett below and sound off in the comment section with your feelings on his latest track.

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