Soulja Boy Welcomes Listeners To "Soulja World"

Big Draco is back.  

Atlanta rap icon Soulja Boy has always been a controversial figure within the music industry. Over the last few months, Big Draco has been at the epicenter of Blac Chyna’s awkward No Jumper interview as well as sexual abuse allegations, and at the end of December, he even came for HotNewHipHop and XXL, among others, and called them “false media.”

With the release of Soulja World, Soulja Boy appears to sidestep all the drama surrounding him and solely focus on the music. The latest project marks a new addition to the rapper’s evergrowing discography, and like his other recent efforts Swag 3 and King Soulja 9, this one is practically devoid of features. The only guest appearance on Soulja World surprisingly comes from Lil B, one of the few rappers to match Big Draco’s unique brand of controversy and influence.  

Even with boasting 14 tracks, Soulja World only clocks in around 25 minutes, so a quick exploration of Soulja Boy’s new direction won’t be too time-consuming.  


1. 30 Missed Calls  
2. Bankroll 
3. Imposters  
4. Section  
5. Bay To The A (feat. Lil B)  
6. Whip Like This  
7. Laugh At The Opps  
8. ZaZa  
9. Nobody Looking  
10. Got It Out The Ground  
11. Rap Bout  
12. Get Money  
13. Real Talk  
14. Pandemic

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