Sleepy Hallow Returns With New Song "2 Sauce"

 Sleepy Hallow and Great John reunite on "2 Sauce," a new banger off the Brooklyn Drill rapper's upcoming debut album.  

Sleepy Hallow has returned to the fold with a new single, reuniting with producer Great John for "2 Sauce." Set to appear on Hallow's upcoming debut album, the track marks another strong release from the Brooklyn drill rapper, who has been on a consistently hard-hitting tear of late. On this latest joint, he takes to a hypnotic banger, sliding in with a laid-back delivery that meshes interestingly over the up-tempo percussion. It's a testament to his instincts, as he understands when to pull back and when to let fly with full aggression.

"You know who call the shots, from the bottom, but now we on top," he spits. "How was you still sleep? Now they lovin', used to hate me / and my kicks clean, ain't nobody ever had these." Straightforward enough on a lyrical tip, but sold with enough conviction and charisma to shine. It should certainly be exciting to see how his debut album turns out, as he's already carving out an interesting lane for himself. Case in point, his previous single "Tip Toe," a diabolical Tiny Tim flip also orchestrated by Great John.  

Look for him to continue establishing his presence as an original voice in the New York rap scene when his upcoming project lands in full. In the meantime, give "2 Sauce" a go and sound off below.  


You know who call the shots, from the  
bottom, but now we on top  
How was you still sleep? Now they lovin',  
used to hate me  
And my kicks clean, ain't nobody ever  
had these

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