Saba Drops Off New Two-Part Track "Ziplock / Rich Don't Stop"

 Saba comes through with a two-for-one special, dropping a pair of new tracks in "Ziplock" and "Rich Don't Stop." 

Fan-favorite lyricist Saba has returned to the fold, delivering a new two-part single "Ziplock / Rich Don't Save." As we've come to expect from the Chicago rapper, the lengthy track features plenty of poetic lyricism and thoughtful penmanship. In addition, Saba also flexes a soulful flow, one that finds him catching a groovy pocket in the opening moments of Coop Da Truth and D. Phelps' laid-back instrumental.

"I was in West Oakland, California, when I found out about a piece of me, all this solitude around, I'm starting to see when I’m alone the shit I think," he raps, committing to maintaining the up-and-down rhyme scheme. "I come from the part of town not talked about but chalk ya' outline if you blink / I can't go outside today that shine’ll fade, and that go along with my piece." 

Nextt up is "Rich Don't Save," which finds Saba opting for a melodic delivery over a vibey beat from Daoud & daedaePIVOT. One thing that immediately stands out is Saba's versatile cadence, as he spits bars in three different octaves. "The grind one of a kind like a damn snowball," he raps. "I put gang in my name, like I am Mozart / and if they sayin' you a stain no, they ain't gon' wash." 

Bee sure to check out the two new tracks from Saba, herein distributed in one cohesive package, and keep an eye out for more news on his next project. 


Text don’t call, fail don't fall 
Yeah, the grind one of a kind like a damn 
I put gang in my name, like I am Mozart 
And if they sayin' you a stain, no, they 
ain't gon' wash 
Wash my soul, watch my bro, we were 
both strugglin' 
How he cope, he need dope, give me no 

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