Ne-Yo Celebrates His Legacy WIth A Deluxe Version Of His Classic Album 'In My Own Words'

 On the 15th anniversary of Ne-Yo's classic album 'In My Own Words,' the legendary R&B singer-songwriter has shared a deluxe version of his breakout album, complete with 6 new tracks.  

Ne-Yo has been one of the music industry's best hitmakers and singer-songwriters for decades, and today, the R&B legend gets to take a step back and reflect on his success and legacy on the 15th anniversary of his classic debut album In My Own Words. His debut officially released on February 28, 2006, so although In My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition) arrives a few days earlier than its actual anniversary, this is still a perfect time to look back at Ne-Yo's legacy.

 Ne-Yo's debut album housed hits such as "So Sick," "When You're Mad," and "Sexy Love," which all propelled its commercial success and event helped it go platinum. For the deluxe anniversary edition, the veteran R&B artist has added 6 new tracks to his early opus. The deluxe includes "Girlfriend," which was originally only available on the UK physical version of In My Own Words, as well as new acoustic and instrumental versions of fan-favorite cuts.  

Where does In My Own Words rank in terms of Ne-Yo's discography?  


1. Stay (feat. Peedi Crakk)  

2. Let Me Get Th is Right  

3. So Sick  

4. When You're Mad  

5. It Just Ain't Right  

6. Mirror  

7. Sign Me Up  

8. I Ain't Gotta Tell You  

9. Get Down Like That  

10. Sexy Love  

11. Let Go  

12. Time  

13. Get Down Like That (Remix) (feat. Ghostface Killah)  

14. Girlfriend  

15. Stay (Remix) (feat. Rick Ross)  

16. So Sick (Acoustic)  

17. Sexy Love (Acoustic)  

18. So Sick (Instrumental)  

19. When You're Mad (Instrumental)

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