Murda Beatz & Shordie Shordie Unite For Joint Project "Memory Lane" Ft. Redd

 After dropping several singles from the record, the rapper-producer pair finally deliver their 12-track project.  

The rollout to the release of Memory Lane has been a graceful one. Like many other producer-rapper pairs that have come before them, Murda Beatz and Shordie Shoride came together for a project that fans have been enjoying bits of over the last few months. They've already shared several singles including "Love" and "Doctors," and now fans can hear what Murda and Shordie have been working on in its totality.

“Memory Lane. It takes us back. It takes us back to memories or real music,” Shordie told Uproxx. “Because I been picturing bro and hearing bro talk. It brings me back to real music. It brings me back to not really caring about streaming, not really caring about who got higher status this week. Nah, real music. Push out real music to the point that people don’t have no other way to gravitate towards it. They don’t have a choice but to gravitate towards it.”  

The project hosts only one feature from Trippie Redd. Stream Memory Lane and share your thoughts.  


1. Khalil Story  
2. Same N*ggas  
3. Stuck in Between  
5. Moral to the Story  
6. Seattle  
7. LOVE (feat. Trippie Redd)  
8. Good Evening  
9. No Jewelry  
10. Close to Me  
11. Networth  
12. Ride with Shordie

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