Mir Fontane Releases Latest Project "Melody Monster"

 Mir Fontane unleashes his latest body of work, "Melody Monster."  

Mir Fontane's run in 2020 was impressive. He released three projects and a slew of singles, maintaining his momentum into the new year. This month, the rapper returned with his latest body of work, Melody Monster. Laced up with 14 songs in total, Melody Monster is an excellent showcasing of his ear for production and versatility as a rapper. It includes the recently released singles like, "Call J. Cole" and "Made In Trauma." No credited features on the project, proving that Mir is truly a force to be reckoned with on the microphone.

The latest project arrived after a brief controversy involving Cardi B. Last month, the rapper and Mir Pesos claimed that the Bronx rapper bit the hook to their single, "Stuck." Though it's unclear what has occurred in recent times regarding the record, Mir Fontane wasn't lying when he told us it was "back to our regularly scheduled programming."  

Check out his latest project below. 

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