Marlon Craft Unleashes New Project "How We Intended"

 The Hell's Kitchen MC releases his latest album, "How We Intended."  

Marlon Craft has been ramping up for the release of a new project over the past few months. Singles like "At The Door" and "Grateful" got fans excited but January's "State Of The Union" served as a timely address of the current state of society. It's a powerful single that struck immediately after the Jan. 6th insurrection on Capitol Hill.

At the wee hours of the morning, Marlon Craft unleashed his latest body of work, How We Intended. The project consists of 17 tracks with appearances coming from Oswin Benjamin, Chris Rivers, Malz Monday, Leah Rich and more. On the production side, 6ix, Plain Pat, !llmind, and more make contributions across the tracklist.  

"I wanted to make impactful music that affected people’s lives for the better and potentially helped to educate or forward conversations; I wanted to make a living totally off uncompromised art, and i wanted to have the respect of the culture and the people in it who’s opinions matter to me," said Craft on Instagram on the eve of the album's release. "Somehow in the midst of the horrific year that was 2020, I managed to reach a place where those goals have finally become a reality after years of hard work and dedication."  

Check the project out below. 

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