Joyce Wrice's "Overgrown" Features Freddie Gibbs, Westside Gunn & More

 Joyce Wrice shines on her debut album "Overgrown," a soulful project featuring guest appearances from Westside Gunn, Freddie Gibbs, and more. 

Joyce Wrice may be a relative newcomer to the game, but she's already been making steady waves. Today comes the release of her brand new debut album Overgrown, a project that features guest appearances from Freddie Gibbs, Westside Gunn, Lucky Daye, Kaytranada, and more. Already being widely praised as a refreshing dose of new R&B, Wrice's new project serves to spotlight her talent and versatility, drawing heavy influence from the enduring soul music of years gone by.
Musically, songs like the intimate "Think About You" and the percussive "You" highlight an ear for lush production, with heavy emphasis on intricate guitar work. Though the project is certainly R&B in essence, it's clear that Wrice holds an appreciation for some of the game's top-tier lyricists, having enlisted Westside Gunn and Freddie Gibbs on "Westside Gunn's Interlude" and single "On One" respectively. For the most part, however, Overgrown is Wrice's show, and she makes a lasting impression that will likely land her a spot on many-a-radar. 

Should you be a) a far of R&B music, and b) looking for a new artist to check out, Joyce Wrice will check out both boxes in one fell swoop. Check out her debut Overgrown now, and share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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