Jhené Aiko Loads "Sailing Soul(s)" To DSPs Ahead Of Its 10-Year Anniversary

 Jhené Aiko's 2011 mixtape "Sailing Soul(s)" arrives to DSPs with a few changes.  

In honor of the imminent 10-year anniversary of Sailing Soul(s), Jhené Aiko has finally loaded her classic mixtape to DSPs. The fan-favorite project also coincides with the singer-songwriter's birthday, so it has always held a special place in Aiko's heart.

Speaking at lengths about the impact the Sailing Soul(s) had on her as an artist and as a person, the "P*$$& Fairy" singer shared the following sentiments in a heartfelt Instagram post: "this mixtape was a pivotal moment for me. when i was 12 i was signed to a label, singing songs i had no real connection to. besides that, i had no real stories of my own to tell at 12 lol. then i took a break to focus on school. in my teens i was singing demo records and taking meetings."  

After touching on the meaning of the project's title, she revealed, ""sailing soul(s)" was an independent project and the beginning of me writing every lyric to every song i sing." 

Today, Sailing Soul(s) hits streaming services with an updated tracklist, as Jhené Aiko treats fans to four new bonus tracks, including "living room flow," "mirrors," "2 seconds," and "snapped." Other changes to Aiko's career-changing mixtape include some fan-favorite songs, such as her Drake collaboration "July" and her Kendrick Lamar-assisted "Growing Apart Too," being cut from its DSP version. 

The reasons for why those standout tracks from the original version of Sailing Soul(s) are not included in this new reissue could vary from failed sample clearance to Jhené Aiko's artistic discretion. Regardless, fans are likely still teeming with excitement that her breakout mixtape is finally on streaming services.  

Has streaming Sailing Soul(s) taken you back to 2011?  


 1. the beginning 

2. stranger 

3. hoe (feat. Miguel & Gucci Mane) 

4. my mine 

5. popular 

6. real now (feat. Dominik, HOPE, and K. Roosevelt) 

7. sailing NOT selling 

8. do better blues (feat. HOPE) 

9. higher 

10. you vs them 

11. space jam 

12. living room flow (Bonus) 

13. mirrors (Bonus) 

14. 2 seconds (Bonus) 

15. snapped (Bonus) 

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