Hopsin Returns With "Alone With Me"

 Hopsin conjures up a dark reflection of self on the brutally honest "Alone With Me."  

Hopsin has a unique style, and while it's certainly not for everybody, few can deny the rapper's prowess as a lyricist -- especially when he looks inward and reflects on the hardships of life. Today, Hop has returned with a new single called "Alone With Me," a track that finds him exploring the inner darkness and having a brutally honest conversation with himself.

In keeping with the subject matter's tone, the track is fueled by a haunting lullaby, one produced by Hopsin himself. As the chimes swirl, he proceeds to take on the voice of doubt, addressing himself with the frank honesty of a hater. "Look at yourself in disbelief, struggle with your identity, stuck in depression until you diagnosed with it clinically," he raps, picking apart his flaws. "How's your love life? It's still a trifling mess? Ni*ga you thirty-five, you haven't found a wifey yet?"  

In the second verse, he admits to feeling overshadowed by Joyner Lucas, lamenting on his deviation from the path. "You was spittin' so cold, you was the Ill Mind of Hopsin on the list with the GOATs," he raps. "Then you fell off, you should've took a different approach / I hate to say it, but you'll never be like Kendrick or Cole." For those invested in following Hop's personal journey, "Alone With Me" should be a welcome chapter to the saga -- albeit one that's not exactly the most accessible, given the weight of the subject matter.  

Check it out for yourself now.  


Be honest, you live in the shadow of  
Joyner Lucas   
Jealous? I know that you are, my point is  
Fuck happened to you?  
You was spittin' so cold, you was the "Ill  
Mind of Hopsin" on the list with the  
Then you fell off, you should've took  
a different approach  
I hate to say it, but you'll never be like  
Kendrick or Cole

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