G-Eazy Spits Bars About The Pressures Of Celebrity On "Break From L.A. Freestyle"


The rapper returns with a new single where he addresses his ups, downs, and controversies. 

Every day, thousands of celebrity hopefuls upload videos and photos hoping to go viral and attain their piece of the Hollywood pie, but G-Eazy is here to tell you that all that glitters isn't gold. Los Angeles is one of the many major city destinations for people vying for their moment in the spotlight, and that's something the Bay Area rapper knows all too well. With the ups come the downs, and on his latest single, G-Eazy gets candid about why Tinsel Town isn't all it is cracked up to be.

On Wednesday (March 17), G-Eazy shared "Break From L.A. Freestyle," and you can take guesses as to the lyrical content based on the title alone. The rapper laments over his past mistakes, being caught up in the whirlwind that the industry offers, and speaks about his own controversies as he was tangled in the web of celebrity. Stream G-Eazy's "Break From L.A. Freestyle" and let us know what you think.  

Quotable Lyrics  

She said 'You're so dark and mysterious' 

She acts likе she listens, but her hеart 

isn't hearin' this 

And yeah drugs are cool, but when they 

start interferin' 

It's a problem, then the only thing that 

I'm fearin' is 

The way out's not as obvious as the 

entrance was 

Spaced out, couldn't tell you where my 

attention was

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