Drag-On Keeps Ruff Ryders Spirit Alive With "BOF4"

 Drag-On keeps the tradition going with another incendiary chapter of the "Bars On Fire" series, officially dropping off his "#BOF4" tape. 

Though the Ruff Ryders dynasty is no more, the spirit of the movement remains beloved by many hip-hop fans. And for many such fans, it's entirely possible that Drag-On was a favorite member for at least one time or another. Now, the rapper who originally won hearts on classic cuts like "Down Bottom" and "Street Team" has returned with another installment of the Bars On Fire series, officially dropping off the incendiary #BOF4 project. 

Having long established himself as a preserver of bars, it's no surprise that Drag carries on the tradition here, packing his seventeen-track tape with some heavy-hitting and lyrically potent tracks. Boasting features from fellow vets Freeway and Jayo Felony, Drag opts to explore a diverse range of production, with contributors ranging from Syne, Yung Bala, Craze On The Beat, and more.  

Should you appreciate the unique energy that Drag has consistently brought to the table, you'd be wise to check out #BOF4, a project that takes hold on the introductory cut and never lets up. Don't get it twisted, however. Though Drag's values may be aligned with the golden-era spirit, he's more than willing to explore a more contemporary production style, though he may occasionally do so with a chip on his shoulder. Be sure to check out #BOF4 now, and sound off if you think Drag deserves a little more spotlight in these crazy times of ours. 

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