Devin The Dude Engages In "Soulful Distance"

Devin The Dude, arguably one of the game's most consistent rappers, has officially come through with his new album "Soulful Distance."  

When it comes to hip-hop longevity, consistency is king. For Devin The Dude, it's also expected, as every album he releases seems to come complete with enjoyable vibes across the board. In fact, the rapper appears to be eternally smooth, unfazed even during a time where stress can sneak up around every corner. And yet Devin stands cool, calm, and collective, coming through with an extensive new album in Soulful Distance, boasting fourteen tracks and features from Scarface, Slim Thug, and more.

Even when he tackles some heavier topics, as he does on "Discouraged," Devil does so in a way that feels inspiring. "Believe it on achieving it, that's how the saying goes," raps Devin, on the album's second track "Discouraged." "But don't forget the part about paying dues / stay in school, obey the rules, never play the fool." That's not to say he isn't capable of mischief -- as evidenced by the lewd and crudely titled "My Left Nut Itch." And of course, Devin makes sure to pay homage to the doobie, kicking some bars over slick boom-bap production on the 14K-assisted "High & Trippin."  

There's really something for everyone on Soulful Distance, so be sure to check it out right here and now -- especially if you've been keeping up to speed with Devin's output.

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