DDG & Lil Yachty Preach "Rule #1" In The Hood With OG Parker-Produced New Single

DDG and Lil Yachty publicly squash their beef on the new song "Rule #1". 

DDG and Lil Yachty previously had issues with one another a few years ago. They've patched things up since then though and, on Wednesday, they squashed their beef with the release of their new collaborative single "Rule #1".
After dissing the Atlanta rapper on his song "Big Boat", DDG is making nice with Lil Yachty on the latest release from his collaborative project with producer OG Parker. DDG has been buzzing ever since the release of his ultra-successful single "Moonwalking In Calabasas". Last week, he came through with a 42 Dugg-featured new single and today, he delivers "Rule #1".  

The song features both rappers talking their sh*t and explaining the number one rule in the hood, which is to move out of the hood once you come into money. The braggadocios new single is set to appear on Die 4 Respect, the collaborative project from DDG and OG Parker.  

Listen to the new record below. What do you think of it?

Quotable Lyrics:  

Rule #1 if you live in the hood 
When you get rich, gotta move out the 
I'm superstitious I'm knockin on wood 
Pray for my n***as, I hope that they good 
I'm in the Urus, I'm doing the dash 
Discounted features just pay me in cash 
Get to the money, I'm getting it fast 
Money come first and these b*tches 
come last

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