V Offers Some Uplifting Words On "No Church On Sunday"

"This isn't rap, it's a Revolution", XLM+ Presents V of 40M! Philadelphia born, Pitt Co., NC built.. V, aka the "Big M" represents hardcore Black America while proudly throwing up "40M" whenever possible.. Armed with controversial punchlines and a "bop gifted by the Gods", the message of Black power is clear.. 

His trailblazing debut, No Church On Sunday, has been running it up since it release.. Featured by Last Day Deaf, Faded4U, NeonMusic, the Hollywood6, RoadieMusic, Tinnitist, etc.. No Church on Sunday (#NCOS) has done over 250K streams and counting followed by its music video release, shot by @SmikeSming.. One thing is for sure.. With an introduction like this there's no question, XLM+ and V of 40M are taking the culture by firestorm!

Check Out the official music video of "No Church On Sunday" from below

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