G G Maximum Delivers Straight Heat On Her New Track "Mayans"

Upon listening to the track, you can immediately hear some skeletal production that features some booming 808s, rattling hi-hats, and some spooky synths in the background. This all takes place while GG delivers some vicious bars that will send a shiver down your spine. If you're looking for something that will put you in the zone, this is definitely the track for that.

G G is a a seasoned veteran vocalist/songwriter from Dallas-Fort Worth Texas. Although her voice has a nuance of some exotic land, her roots are simple. The latest listener description of her voice is simply one word; “Dope”. G G is an award winning, classically trained singer and a natural at writing poetry, lyrics and music. G G grew up watching reruns of shows that had gospel theme songs and learned them note for note including how to harmonize and before long, as a little girl, she was vamping and scatting her own tunes with no outside training until she started school where she was discovered and trained in church choir. After winning many awards classically through school, G G went to college and ventured out to Jazz, Rock, R&B and Pop music. She then became one of the top female performer’s for a well to do cover show, 8 piece with horns that performed only for the elite in Dallas Ft Worth. As she Stated,
I am a determined woman when it comes down to what I want. I was sick of depending on other beat makers and musicians treating me like a short coming, nuisance singer because I am type A. I took the reins and now it is better that ever because I am classically trained and hear entire symphonies that I can only write in my head. I use a ton of equal harmony(like ABBA) to emulate the orchestrations. I also rock with hired people virtually but that would not maser well. I have been doing demos and laundering tracks through drobox from app to app making a darn good mix for what it is with just a phone and headphones. That is how I wrote until mu mixer broke. I have at least 10 good songs that are close to being finished. I even have some blues and use acoustic drum programs as well.I can write a tune (bass and vocals) that is catchy in a few minutes. I write rhyming poetry so that comes last, after I figure the form and harmonies.Everything you hear is freestyle turned to lyric line part. Because my mixer broke, and I seem to have an ear for production, I purchased and entire modest studio with reason 11, stand up vocal booth. Top notch mic, a model 12, interface, truck driver blankets and staple guns to soundproof he room. Acoustic shelling, two 27-inch monitors, an engineer work station credenza, and even some drum mics if I have someone else was to cometo record. I left no stone unturned. The best I could afford. I also look pleasing, have that star quality and the video for Mayans is almost out. So, my goal is to not only to write for myself, but to write for others. I literally can do any style. Country to Disney ballads. R n B, gospel.Anything. I want a Grammy or ten. 

G G has also opened up for several famous people including one of the Gogos, Brian Setser and Radiohead to name a few. After a break, she came back to become a music minister at her church, even singing for the Pope, and also auditioned for and joined the 60 person choir Shcolla Cantorum (School of Music) performing in all the great halls with the Dallas Symphony. Her Americana project hit overseas mainly but wasn’t controlled well. G G is independent and a strong role model for women in the industry and is back and will give back. New G G music is emotional, seductive, empowering and perfect for different aggressive or intense moods one may find themselves 

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