Singer-songwriter Enoka’s star is on the rise. Echoing music styles of trend-setting musicians, Enoka’s inspiring compositions and powerful vocal skills distinguish her from the herd.

Swedish singer Enoka today released “Salvation”, an energetic composition inspired by feelings of hope for a better life. Incorporating classic pop styles with modern melodies, this song describes the emotional spectrum of personal evolution. “Salvation” can be streamed on Spotify and other platforms where music is featured worldwide.

“My music is energetic and will make your body move,” the artist said, remarking on the composition's inspiration. Enoka added, “I want my audience to feel the cool vibe and heavy sound of my new single.” Before releasing original works, the singer performed background vocals for European heavyweights such as Gunter, Arash, and Bobby Farrell from Bony M.The artist also worked with Swedish musicians including John Lundvik and Loulou Lamott,who represented Sweden in Euro vision 2020.

Prior to this release, Enoka garnered solo attention by collaborating with songwriter Tomas Cederholm on the May 2020 song “Queen On The Floor”. The singer is signed under Yellow Rhinestone Records. Enoka has also worked with producer Andreas Stone, operator of Hydra Studios and successful international music distributor. Enoka’s first 2020 single, “Like a Hurricane”, was released in March.

Anna Marie Enoka was adopted from Sri Lanka and came to Sweden at 2 months old. Enoka grew up in Vellinge, a small suburb to Malmö, Sweden, where she still lives today. Having studied music since her teenage years, Enoka continues to impress audiences with her passion and vocal abilities.

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