Rico Nasty Releases Her Latest "Nightmare Vacation" Single "Own It"

 Rico Nasty releases her incredibly dope new single and video "Own It." 

Where does one even start with Rico Nasty? The 23-year-old rapper knows herself to the core, representing the misfits as one of the most original, creative, and out-there artists in the world.

Rico does what she wants and, thankfully for her fans, that usually amounts to some incredibly dope music and visuals. She's fresh off the release of her hyper-pop leaning record "iPhone" and, today, she has released the brand new single from her upcoming album Nightmare Vacation. Titled "Own It," Rico's new record is accompanied by a heavily-stylized video, which features her in numerous extravagant costumes, including a wig that spells out her name. If you've been meaning to find out what Rico Nasty is all about, check out her new video below and get ready for Nightmare Vacation because, from the sounds of it, it's going to be flippin' incredible. 

Quotable Lyrics: 

When I walk in, jaws gonna drop 

They all in my face, wanna know what I 


Love what you see 

You wanna deal, all my shit so hot, yeah, I bet you catch a feel 

Brand new Crocs, you wanna steal 

I don't know who you are if I'm keeping it real

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