Kipp Stone Taps Mick Jenkins For "Sprague Street"

 Kipp Stone and Mick Jenkins bring their A-game to the powerful "Sprague Street," part of the upcoming "HOMMÈ" project.   

East Cleveland's own Kipp Stone has officially announced his upcoming album HOMMÈ, a thirteen-track effort set for release on October 20th. In the meantime, Stone has decided to fire off a hard-hitting single from the project, teaming with fellow lyricist extraordinaire Mick Jenkins on "Sprague Street." For those unfamiliar with Stone, rest assured that you're getting no shortage of densely woven bars, delivered with enough passion to turn heads. Over a hypnotic boom-bap instrumental he floats, his powerful lyrics painting vivid pictures.   

"Let's count the crimes against humanity, now tell me that who should really be afraid?" he raps. "Was your great-great-grandmother a slave? Was your whip or your residence ever sprayed?" Letting the beat build and matching his predecessor's stride, Mick Jenkins slides through with a dexterous verse of his own. Rife with poetic imagery, the Chi-town spitter's bars remain designed for repeat listens. "Most n**gas envy the smokey-smoke, my teeth is dingy / we want the plaques up, we both was broke," is a perfect example.  

Look for Stone's upcoming album, which features Jenkins, Nuke Franklin, and Torre Lott, to arrive on October 20th.


Let's count the crimes against humanity 
Now tell me that who should really be afraid? 
Was your great-great-grandmother a slave? 
Was your whip or your residence ever sprayed?

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