BlocBoy JB & NLE Choppa Come Through With "ChopBloc Pt.3"

 BlocBoy JB and NLE Choppa are back with part 3 of their "ChopBloc" series.  

BlocBoy JB and NLE Choppa are easily some of the most energetic artists you can find, so it only makes sense that the two would collaborate with one another. Prior to Thursday, they had collaborated twice on their "ChopBloc" series and now, they are back with "ChopBloc Pt. 3."  

This track is exactly what you would expect from the series as we are immediately met with a hard-hitting trap beat. Lyrically, both NLE and BlocBoy deliver some violent lyrics that will certainly spark your imagination. As for the visual for the song, it certainly matches the lyrical content as we see NLE and BlocBoy with a plethora of weapons. 

Listen to the song below, and let us know what you think. 

Quotable Lyrics: 

When the murda come and meet you and 
yo' door 
Yeah, it's me, bitch 
AR-15 and it got a scope, with my ski, 
Big Grape on the vine, big Glo' we 
spinnin' G shit 
Take yo' diss song, get you killed, then 
make a remix

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