Artist and songwriter Perry Stevens is back on the music scene with a brand new studio release: Gonna Take Yea!.

A brand new single featuring a strong melody and a powerful hook.

Perry Stevens is an artist based in West Covina, California. He has a focus on creating beautiful vocal melodies, interlaced with vintage rock and other influences. His story is truly astonishing,especially if you consider the fact that Perry has been passionate about music for most of his life.Back in the 70s, he was already turning heads as a professional singer, but he eventually decided to focus on his family. Now, he’s back at it and he has been growing a steady following, due to his ability to channel the best retro influences and present them to the audience in a new, enticing way. 

If you are a fan of artists like Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Paul Anka, John Denver or Elvis Presley, you should definitely check out Perry’s sound! His music is all about keeping a broad creative mindset, as well as exploring different creative avenues, without ever losing sight of their roots.Perry Stevens’s most recent studio effort, Gonna Take Yea!, definitely speaks for itself. Gonna Take Yea! is a truly masterful release, featuring music that speaks about the artist’s fondness of retro aesthetics, with a more contemporary twist. The catchy main melody is indeed an essential component of this track, which gets even more personal if you factor in the songwriting chops and the storytelling element in the composition. One of the smoothest aspects on this release is definitely Perry’s vocal tone, which seems to be the perfect bridge between energetic and soothing, tying the vision together to perfection. Last but not least, the instrumental is perfectly balance, is just the last sprinkle on top, which serves as a perfect companion to Perry’s fantastic vocal performance.

This has certainly not been an easy time for artists,be we are so happy to report that things are always brewing for some musicians, who have not been given up. On the contrary, they are still out there,making people’s lives better with music and creativity. Perry is definitely one of them, as he continues to bring positivity and good vibes to his audience by sharing some quality music through and through. From the concept to the production and Perry’s passionate performance, this song is a sure-fire hit and a great addition to Perry’s aesthetics and musical excellence. I love how he also brought some synth tones into the mix!You will immediately savor the fragrance of the song’s arrangement and the clarity of the mix, with a crisp top, and a softer texture as you reach deeper into the song. The instruments collide together beautifully, and there is a lot of room to let everything breathe, balanced to absolute perfection. In addition to that, the spicy tone of Perry’s vocals are truly remarkable, adding a distinctive, yet bold flavor that gives the song its unique twist. As soon as you go ahead and sample a first taste of Gonna Take Yea!,you are definitely going to want to dive in deeper and even explore more of Perry’s music right away,just so that you can keep the flow going. 

As they say,things can get a little messy when there are too many ingredients in a recipe, but in this case, Perry Stevens managed to pull it off to perfection. The artist displays the confidence and skills necessary to produce something worth sharing with others. I would warmly recommend listening to this release if you are a fan of artists like Paul Anka, as well as Elvis Presley, Gene Pitney, and even artists like The Bee Gees (especially considering that this song has got a bit of a 70s disco feel to it!). This release stands out as a great introduction to Perry’s music,and it is definitely a premonition of great things to come.

Find out more about Perry Stevens and do not miss out on Gonna Take Yea!, which is freshly available on all the best music streaming platforms on the web.

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