Tayla Parx is getting everybody on their feet with her new single, "Dance Alone."

Tayla Parx came through with her latest single, "Dance Alone," as she preps to drop her sophomore effort, Coping Mechanisms, later this year. After releasing her debut album, We Need To Talk, last year to major acclaim, Tayla has been creeping more and more into the mainstream consciousness after years of writing for some of the music industry's biggest stars. Now, she's gearing up to release her sophomore album, beginning with the first single, the upbeat, funk-infused pop anthem, "Dance Alone."

“‘Dance Alone’ is about that deep desire to connect with someone in order to cope," Tayla said about the single. "We all have that special someone who makes us feel things where we literally ache for them or feel for them. It’s about human connection, which we all desperately need right now, and how we realize we are not alone." As you keep an eye out for more on Coping Mechanisms, check out "Dance Alone" and let us know what you think of this multi-talented artist's latest effort.

Quotable Lyrics
Left foot, right, two-steppin' on a high note, hey
The room keep spinnin' from a message in a bottle
Disco lights really bring out your eyes
Whatever the rhythm, we always on tempo

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