Snoop Dogg Dreads Quarantine On "I Wanna Go Outside"

Snoop Dogg and Soopafly deliver a funkadelic new single.

It has been a wild week for Snoop Dogg who found himself at the center of snitching and cheating allegations, once again. Despite this, Snoop's brushed off the allegations and returned with some brand new music. Snoop Dogg and SoopaFly teamed up for a funky new banger aptly titled, "I Wanna Go Outside." The new single is an accurate reflection of the current state of the world. Snoop laments the stay-at-home orders on his new video and single. "You can't tell me this is how we supposed to be livin'," Snoop sings on the track which is the first thought that crosses my mind every day when I wake up. It's groovy and laid back, though Snoop takes on a G-Funk sound with a vocoder more so than he raps. 

Quotable Lyrics
Usually, I would be out there in the club
V.I.P., bangin' the dub, fresh and clean
Reppin' that Eastside LBC

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