Calboy & Lil Tjay Connect For New Song "Barbarian"

Chicago rapper Calboy and Bronx star Lil Tjay jump into a warzone on their new collaborative single "Barbarian." 

Calboy and Lil Tjay are back with their new single "Barbarian," which was released today via RCA Records. The rising Chicago rapper has been successful in the past, releasing Wildboy to much acclaim last year. His "Adam & Eve" and "Envy Me" singles were well-received by the hip-hop community and now, Calboy is focusing on his future. The 20-year-old rapper has been teasing the arrival of his newest single all week and, today, he finally returns with "Barbarian," a song that features Bronx stand-out Lil Tjay.
The track follows a formula that Calboy has popularized alongside some of his contemporaries. The street star takes harrowing tales from his life in the Chi-City, morphing them into haunting melodies that we can all sing along to. However, his lyrics paint that of a warzone. You would never be able to tell if you were just listening for the vibe. "Barbarian" is expected to be featured on Calboy's upcoming body of work, Long Live The Kings. Stay tuned for more new music from the breakout star as he is sure to have a big year on his mind. What do you think of this one?

Quotable Lyrics: 

'Cause I've been to war, barbarian
These n***as talkin', irrelevant
My pockets fatter than elephant
I fell in love with the medicine
I'm sick in the head, I need medicine
Can you tell me why your shooters
Say you come from that block, you never
I never fold, I never bend

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