Residual Self is heavy and ambient, topped by their theatrics and iconic looks on stage

Hailing from The New Haven Area of Connecticut, Residual Self is lead by The Mysterious Rex. Inspired by the gothic sounds of the 80’s and the grunge era of the 90’s, Rex began writing and recording songs at his home, playing every instrument and doing his own vocals. After a few original songs were finished, Rex decided to email this demo out to a few record labels and began to bring these songs out publicly to the Open Mic circuit across the state. Going from being a bass player for other people, to showing up with a guitar and singing himself, the crowd was impressed by his writing. 

Rex was soon contacted by Standby Records to travel to Cleveland, OH and record in a high end studio. From doing the open mic circuit for a few years, and knowing many other musicians in the area, he worked with his close friends whom he met at these events, the guitarist Joshua Spaulding, and the drummer David Sasso to help craft some new material to bring to this studio. Now, with Rex back on his main instrument of bass on top of the vocals they were ready. 

Working with producers Don DeBiase and Jeremy Stimpert of Studio D Productions, Residual Self crafted their first official EP titled “Demagoguery” featuring one of their now staple songs, “Beast King.” This released garnished much attention for the trio. Beast King was heavily promoted between reviews, and airplay across internet radio and local homegrown radio across Connecticut and Massachusetts. This song also got featured on the Volume 1 Sampler from Swimming With Sharks Records. They began to play shows across the state and started to team up with other bands such as Soldiers of Solace putting on some great showcases as a unit.

Residual Self soon added in another member to help add more depth and complete their sound. Trevor MacLean became the groups DJ adding a layer of obscurity and ambience to complete their darkened theme. Early 2018 saw the release of two digital only singles titled “Hollowfication (Parts I and II)” with songs like, “Bloody Tears” and “Blank.” their live shows had much range, branching from the metal bands they play with into teaming up with more alternative style bands such as The 30th of February. 

Throughout the rest of 2018, Residual Self got to play staple venues across their state, such as Toad’s Place - Where the Legends Play, The Webster Theater, where Residual Self opened for Nonpoint, and Foxwoods Resort Casino. When gearing up to record another EP, the studio Dexters Lab Recording was recommended by their friends in Soldiers of Solace. Producers Nick Bellmore and Zuess helped Residual Self craft their next release “Vengeance.” The songs “Queen Fiend” and “Body and Bones” got featured on the PBX Digital Sampler from EMP Label Group/Combat Records.

After opening up for “Earth” a Black Sabbath Tribute Band, in early 2019 at Toad’s Place, Rex decided on bringing up the idea of releasing cover songs from Residual Self. Completely redone versions of songs, whether they be slower, key changes, or more. An interpretation as if “What if this was written by Residual Self?” Covering artists that have influenced the founding of Residual Self such as Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Danzig and more. These are part of what is known as “Hauntingly Beautiful” a youtube exclusive series.

Once again working with Dexter’s Lab Recording, Residual Self has put out another 3 song single titled “Despair” Two of these songs titled “Mistress of Pain” and “Thief of Hope” are featured in another sampler from EMP Label Group/Combat Records.

Residual Self continues to build their empire, establishing powerful connections and forming strong bonds with everyone they meet. Residual Self is heavy and aggressive, obscure and ambient, topped by their theatrics and iconic looks on stage. Residual Self is a calling to embrace who you are at your core, and never back down. 

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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