Freddie Gibbs & The Colleagues Connect On "Red Vans"

New heat from Freddie Gibbs and The Colleagues. 

Freddie Gibbs has been riding high off of his second collaborative project with Madlib, Bandana since its release last summer. Although he's been on a busy tour schedule since then, we've received a few songs and verses from him. Over the weekend, The Colleagues blessed fans with a brand new collaboration they've had in the stash with the Eastside Gary native. The Colleagues bless Freddie with a haunting loop as the rapper recounts haunting tales of betrayal in the streets. Per usual, Freddie floats on the beat, effortlessly flexing his versatile flow and penmanship.

Although Bandana did just drop a year ago, talks about the follow-up have been rampant recently. Madlib previously confirmed that a third installment to their collaborative trilogy named Montana is on the way. When that is has yet to be announced but hopefully, we don't have to wait another three years in between projects. 

Quotable Lyrics 

N***a, fuck this rap shit, we was 
wrapping up a package, yeah 
Bust down on your block and use a op for 
target practice, yeah 
Got my shit expunged, I took them 
crackers off my jacket, yeah 
Yeah them crackers, I'm back to jackin' 
Got on probation, in the way, but I was 
still packin' 
I keep my strap next to my bad bitch, 
I ain't never lackin' 
That high-speed chase, we bustin' at the sergeant and the captain

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