Expect a big revolution by Cap’n Richie this year

We can expect a big revolution by Cap’n Richie this year. He is rebuilding himself constantly because he went through serial losses and tragedies in the last 5-6 months which had a serious impact on his mental and physical condition. His plans and mentality did not change but his life in every aspect. He already released 2 solo singles that available on every major platforms titles “Just do It” and “Stilluminati”.Also he has one song with Odilia Carmen as well, the “Far from the Start” and he is helping for his team Ronan Trace & Odilia to release two EPs, the “Call of the Sea” and the “I can see the Light”. These songs will come surely out in this year, but the release dates of the H&H3 and the 2 solo EPs which were promised by Cap’n Richie the “Instead of Words Vol.2” & “Nightownl” are more unsure yet. We know that Cap’n wants to release the H&H3 as main project this year as well, that’s his biggest goal, but it’s not so easy to him. 

He is doing his best to stay positive and make everything to these music which is possible and which isn’t. Lots of tasks await him both in terms of career and privacy. He wants to start a brand new life where he can focus mostly to his Label. He said that there is a giant price of success with a lot of sacrifices. One new single is available already by him in this year the “False Notes” where he wrote about his losses but it was just the start as he said because this negative wave do not stopped yet. He feels that the world what he knew till now is pushing away him because of music but luckily he knows that a brand New World is waiting to him which is unacceptable for many people unfortunately but at least it’s bright. He said he don’t wants to talk about his career personally so much anymore and he will let his success speak instead of him. He said that “I know I made many mistakes but not so many as they say. You are listening to these lot of opinions and one time you just say NO, STOP. I am not so bad person like this.” That’s why he will spend more time alone in the close future.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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