Kevin Hyman, early 30's, grew up in North Philadelphia with a passion for rap music at the age of 10. Inspired to music through his cousin, the late, great songstress Phyllis Hyman. Kevin found himself comfortable, entertaining family with rap music. With influences from other local rappers, he adopted the name Spark Ezy, known in the streets for his art of battle rap. In 2010, he dropped his 1st single "Sky Divin'." Bringing energy to the pain of the lifestyle of the tough streets of Philly, Spark Ezy brings a different sound and great story telling in his lyrics.

 In 2016, "SPARK EZY" dropped an explosive CD "TITANIUM" which is as hard as it sounds, carefully choosing his collaborations with various local artists. The artist is managed by JannyShmanny of RealityMusic, NJ., who works closely in artist development programs. His next project was "O.G EZY" an EP with vibes of fire and feeling, enhancing his previous project. During 2017, the artist music was placed on several mixtapes and other collaborations. Numerous local radio interviews and appearances made the artist more popular in Philadelphia and he began hosting his showcases to earn money and also give other artists a platform to be exposed and win useful opportunities. He also landed a sponsorship promotion from Effen Vodka and GUnit ambassadors 2017 mixtape America's Top 10 Unsigned Artists Vol 13 and then again in 2019 for Vol 14.

In 2018 SPARK EZY has dropped his DJ hosted mixtape presented by New York's own DJ INFTHETURNUP of WeOnNation Radio. "SEMIIIPOCALYPSE", as he labels his brand as BLACKHEART. Also in 2018, he has been working with New York based record label, GrandGrooveUnlimited Records. Spark Ezy recorded a remix of his classic song "Talk My Shit" with Boogie Black, a popular party host and NY artist from the team.  “Talk My Shit” by Spark Ezy takes the cake with an incredible mix of Clash of the Titans and club beats over Ezy going in on falsified rappers.

The recording artist attended a New York showcase and the label took to the artist's performance, sound and style, offering him a deal that night. Spark Ezy has not signed to be on the label's permanent roster as he remains with his management team, but has agreed to have an album produced under the NY label. Branding his own company as BLACKHEART has been a goal the artist has recently set and continues to build to bring out new artists that match his sound. Appearing in videos and making hooks has been another body of the artists work. With the ever changing styles of music, Spark Ezy easily adapts to song making, while his "dark heart" approach never wavers. 

He will bring freshness, youth and energy to help enhance the talents of the legendary members as well new sound to his already "well known" tracks. The artist has started plans for touring in 2020 after performing several stages in Texas during the SXSW festival. BLACKHEART THE BRAND is definitely on it's way to becoming a cultural asset to the music industry with it's blend of genre. Stay updated on the artist's progress.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:


  1. Spark Ezy has really put a rise in his career. His sounds and flows stay up to date with the music trends of today. The fierce beats and energy this artist brings into melody. Spark Ezy has new music out on outlets. Purchasing his music is an investment.

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