Perry Stevens introducing a touching new single: Magdalena

A touching love song with a romantic vibe and a timeless sound.
Hailing from West Covina, California, Perry Stevens is a singer songwriter with a special story, and even more special songs! His career dates back to the 70s. Back then, he was a professional singer, and you could always find him at the hottest clubs in town.Just when it looked like his singing gig was going to take off, he decided to give up on the touring life, and focus on getting an education. One of the main reasons to do that was his love for his wife, Magdalena. Instead of going on the road and embrace a lifestyle that can be tough on a family, Perry decided to stay close to his beloved wife.Fast forward to today, and Perry is back on the scene with the same amazing passion and love of creating engaging and dynamic songs, blurring the lines between many genres and musical styles. 
His most recent single is a heartfelt dedication to one of the most important people in his life: Magdalena, his wife and soulmate! This amazing single reminds me of artists as diverse as Nick Cave and Leonard Choen. The lyrics are incredibly personal and romantic, talking about Perry’s love for Magdalena, as well as professing his love and devotion for a woman who has meant everything to him. This track is a beautiful celebration of a love that stood the test of time, and it is a strong  as ever. In the words of Perry himself “Magdalena, we stand forever.” Falling in love and knowing that you have found someone special to share your life with is truly amazing,and this song captures that feeling to perfection. Besides the concept and the lyrics, the production of the song is also spectacular. In fact, the track has a charming retro-inspired tone with a vintage feel. 
It really suits Perry’s delivery, and his vocal style has a lot of depth, which stands out in terms of presence and charisma. The song almost makes me think about one of those earlier magical Phil Spector-produced records of the 60s, but with a more contemporary touch. This song is for anybody who loves the warmth of older recordings, but still looks for something fresh and new to listen to! Perry captures the warmth of classic records while still retaining a catchy and direct modern sound that anybody could easily relate to. In fact, his songs are universal, and listening to his music is like reading through the pages of a journal, where every line is poetic and heartfelt, turning vulnerability into strength and grace.

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