The Elegant Piranhas extreme guitar licks and the guttural vocal execution enthralled the audience

THE ELEGANT PIRANHAS: DAVE STAR, Lead Guitar and Vocals DR. SCREAMY, Lead Singer

It was the Winter of 2017 Tampa, Florida. A deformed bizarre looking creature stumbled into a music venue where Dave Star was shredding a classic rock tune on his vintage Gibson Les Paul. Without hesitation the creature jumped on stage and began howling. The audience was shocked, but Dave Star not missing a beat interfaced the blistering sounds he was creating with the riotous noise coming from the freak. The combination of extreme guitar licks and the guttural vocal execution enthralled the audience. A band was born.  What Dave Star didn't know was that Dr. Screamy had several personalities that would appear at anytime and anywhere a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The personalities included Capt. Screamy and Prof. Screamy all having different, unique, visual and vocal styles which only enhanced the sound and presence of THE ELEGANT PIRANHAS.

In the Spring of 2017, THE ELEGANT PIRANHAS  set out to find the right recording studio to construct there opus. A place where they could hide and perfect there original  deep and heavy music. The search lead them to nondescript building in a small town outside of Tampa, Florida. The building was a recording studio owned by PUNCHY GONZALES. PUNCHY invited the PIRANHAS into his shadowy chamber. The Studio was a large and sunless dwelling. It seemed like it had endless corridors that enhanced the creepiness of the place. There were brightly colored doors on each wall. Opening an arbitrary door the room was filled with random Pop Culture painting, sculptures and furniture. Punchy called the room The Hatchery.  An artist could relax, write, howl, meditate or all of the above. As Punchy revealed each room, the excitement of THE PIRANHAS grew. There was the Drum Room, five separate sets, from a small trap set to a 35 piece Neil Peart contraption. Rooms with keyboards from every manufacture stacked one on top of each other, somewhere hanging from the walls. DAVE STAR found the guitar room. A large space painted black. On the ground and covering the walls were incredible wooden colored shapes strung with metal wires. The most extraordinary wicked collection of guitars and Bass guitars in one room. There were Marshall, Fender, Orange and Ampeg amps everywhere. PUNCHY called this room SHANGRI-LA. DAVE STAR called it home. At the end of one of the corridors  PUNCHY opened a massive ancient castle door to reveal the Control Room. Blinking lights, LED screens, huge speakers and a gigantic black board with knobs and switches filled the room. This was the  perfect environment for DR. SCREAMY and DAVE STAR, to begin their chemistry experiment  that would eventually become the debut album “ROCKSTAR VISION”.
The first song that was created at The Studio was “RockStar Vision”. Dave Star was noodling a riff on a  six string Jackson Soloist guitar, PUNCHY heard a glimmer of a song in the few notes STAR had picked. Being a polished lead guitar player himself, PUNCHY hit the record button knowing there was something there. Dave Star began to run his fingers up and down the neck of the bright red Jackson squeezing and bending the springs until they gave up their soul. PUNCHY laid down an electronic beat from the blinking lights and computer panels in front of him. He looked like an octopus with seven arms reaching for switches and buttons turning and flipping each one on and off. At the end of a full day in the witching hour DAVE STAR and PUNCHY GONZALES had the song completed. DR SCREAMY was in a The Hatchery writing lyrics.  “RockStar Vision You Start Your Reign”. The lyrics flowed out of him like water coming down a mountain. As the morning sun rose DR. SCREAMY, DAVE STAR  with the ingenuity and brilliance of PUNCHY had their first original song. Weeks passed and THE ELEGANT PIRANHAS created nine original songs. 

ROCKSTAR VISION - DAVE STAR Shredding a six string, while CAPT. SCREAMY weaves a compelling story about becoming a worldwide superstar.  

“WALK THE PLANK” -  DR. SCREAMY homage to the spirit world. DAVE STAR’S  frenzied combat with his ax. The both of them picking a fight with the common good.

“BOMBS AWAY” - a deep dive into depression or maybe an eventual split over mind and matter.  A melody that lows you in and keeps you suspended.   

“PEOPLE THINK I’M CRAZY” -  DAVE STARS tribute to the Rock Stars of the world Past, Current and Future

“CASTLES IN THE SAND”  -  A  love song? Maybe Maybe Not. DAVE STAR’s  lyrics are earnest and caring, but what lies underneath the surface is much deeper. CAPT. SCREAMY voice is haunting, until a dragon awakes. Roaring with fierce and aggressive power. DAVE STAR guitar work is masterful.

“JUNGLE CAT” -  Mischievous and amusing,  PROF. SCREAMY invites you into his fantasy world where gangster BUGSY SIEGEL and HUMPHREY BOGART are his best pals. DAVE STAR throws down a distinctive vibe to tease your senses.

“RUNNING SCARED” -   World Spinning ,Breath Thinning, Black Mass. CAPT. SCREAMY vision of the future. A bleak world, a wretched state of mind. Maybe it's where CAPT. SCREAMY lives. DAVE STAR’S bawling leads and rhythm makes this song eerie and obsessive.

“ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN” - DAVE STAR’S powerful full on assault of the senses. A song that screams bloody murder. Maybe that's what he was thinking about when he wrote the music and lyrics. 
SMOKE’EM IF YOU GOT’EM - PROF.  SCREAMY  telling all authority to piss off. Take a Bat and Destroy What's Yours and Mine. DAVE STAR rains down a heavy dose of chunky guitar riffs. 

WE GOT THE BEAT - The Go Go’s cover song -  DR. SCREAMY was humming a tune, PUNCHY picked up on it and DAVE STAR  brought a twist to the song 

In the Summer of 2017, THE ELEGANT PIRANHAS released their debut album “ROCKSTAR  VISION” .  THE ELEGANT PIRANHAS perform at musical venues, corporate events and  festivals through the county. 
Though the duo was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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