Tha Street Pastor Ready To Bless Tha Rap Game With His Kranium Talk

Country Wit Tha Kay is not making any excuses when it comes to his new single Hustle And Flow, off his 4th album No Excuses. His freestyle flow is taking tha rap game and making it a world of its on. Nearly 2 years in Country Wit Tha Kay a Street Hustle from tha inner city Chicago’s Englewood Area now living in Jackson, Ms. Found rap as an outlet to release his anger an frustration. His 1st album Kranium Talk was just a raw introduction.He created his 1st two albums Kranium Talk And K2, as he learned how to engineer his own sounds to fit his unbalanced lifestyle.2018 was a rough year said tha artist, Through all his trials and tribulations with his son Epilepsy problem NDMA a rare disease that caught him by surprise which there still fighting, said Tha Rapper. Then came K3/Street Gossip A year In An he’s Coming with his 3rd Album . 
Tha Pot Smoking Unfiltered Slang Talking Freestyle Flow is coming out this time. "Mary Jane” a song off tha album took people by surprise. Tha sound of those guitars and jazz SAX with that hiphop tone, This song really shows tha improvement his work ethic and talent. Now come’s tha 4th album “No Excuses’ Tha albums title speaks in volume. Never knew so much unwanted energy could come from tha ones who think they know more about music said Country Wit Tha Kay, Less Talk More Action tha artist and his new album “No Excuses” say’s it all for him. Get a taste of this New Era sound,real life situation and just some undeniable Freestyle From one of tha Newest Freestyle Artist in tha game today.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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