Sofoni Beats Illuminating the World of Gospel Rap

Sofoni Beats aka Prince Zephaniah Gordon is a singer and songwriter who has been adding new flavor to the world of gospel rap for the past five years. As a child, Sofoni was introduced to the world of hip hop when her aunt gave her a cassette tape of Run DMC “Walk This Way.” She did not have dreams of becoming a rapper but enjoyed making beats and composing music. Her first break in music came in high school when she started doing a local radio show called “K- NIT Radio.” A young female R&B group took a liking to one of Sofoni’s songs. The group performed “Hey Rialto” on the local radio show for the remainder of the school year. It brought notoriety to the young composer. 
Like many young artists, Sofoni took a break from music and went into the corporate world. Through a series of unfortunate events, she wound up on the streets, searching for the next move. One day, a friend approached Sofoni, encouraging her to make beats, because it was hard to find a producer to create beats for an affordable price. This was the creation of the artist “Sofoni Beats.” She debuted her first single “Satin Vaseline Pt. 2” off the debut mixtape “Enter the Black Dragon . . . the Emergence of Bruce Elroy” at a coffee shop called the Grind in Riverside, California. The mixtape was a learning experience about the challenges one faces on the streets and how society views those who appear to be LGBTQ. I suffer from a genetic disorder in which my looks are androgynous and many people compare me to a gay male or a lesbian. I like to refer to myself as middle sex. After a stream of mixtapes, Sofoni released “13.” The hit song “The Light” was aired on London’s Soho radio and “Big Hits Breakfast Show” on 99.5 FM. Written and composed by Sofoni Beats, The Light was about human trafficking and keeping the Christian faith. Sofoni also realized success with “Born in a Prison,” which was featured on a Groove Catalina Island cruise. This was a song paying homage to the men and women who have kids born into the world while their parents are incarcerated. That’s when many families are broken up. Sofoni made it her mission to share the gospel through song to those in prison, those in organized crime, and those family members who are affected by the stress of having loved ones incarcerated. 

Sofoni Beats recently released the current mixtape “The King and AI.” It was a compendium of evolving as a Christian, paying homage to a personal friend whose birthday was in August, and Michael Jackson who helped influenced the young artist. Sofoni likes to use real-life situations to spread the gospel to the world. The mixtape features instrumentals, songs about relationships, and songs about hardships and about being uplifted in the body of Christ while going through life’s sufferings. The mixtape displays some of Sofoni’s original beats along with other producers such as Jeremy Ramos from Backyard Bully Entertainment, That Boy D-Nice, The Beat Ninjas, and a host of other producers. Sofoni is currently developing a group of young artists under the crew name of “River Bottom Mafia,” including Angelica Estrella, Luh Maaliee, and others. Sofoni Beats’ mission is to relate to both the young and old, orphans and impoverished people, and couples and families. Being young and spreading the gospel can be difficult. People are not used to individuals our age spreading the Word, and often they question your faith.You can catch Sofoni Beats performing weekly at the Grind or playing in the praise band at Wesley United Methodist Church on the drums.
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:


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