Mr. Shammi who specialize in producing fresh and exciting electronic music

Let’s start off with a small introduction of our up and coming DJ that has been taking Europe by storm. Mr. Shammi was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago which as you know are twin islands of a Caribbean nation. They are places that are famous for their parties and have always had a place for reggae music trends but more recently these places have come under the spotlight. The reason for that exposure is that this region has started producing artists such as Mr. Shammi who specialize in producing fresh and exciting electronic music. 

Mr. Shammi may have been born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago but is based out of the US because that is where his music career was started. It began from the US but it has taken some surprising twists and turns. His most active following resides in Europe, particularly in Germany and Denmark although other European nations are not far behind for their love of Mr. Shammi’s popping beats. Mr. Shammi currently labels himself as a DJ but it might be a little more accurate, and a little more flattering, if he was called an EDM artist.
For a person that is involved in a more recent field of music, Mr. Shammi has managed to get a wide variety of accolades under his belt. He is most famous for his work with Bob Sinclair on the song “Me Not A Gangsta” which was his break out song that released in 2011. Since then his popularity skyrocketed to unseen proportions. That is why since then he has collaborated with LuuX and Mad StuntMan to produce some bangers. His collaborations are what earned him popularity in the likes of Europe and South America, it gave him the exposure he so rightly deserved and earned him some exposure in the crowds that appreciate his music. That shouldn’t take away from the fact that he comes from the Caribbean. His music may have had an international breakout in 2011 but he has been making music way before that. He started in 2000 and his fan base came from the Caribbean itself. He has not forgotten that and still keeps his mind on his origins. That is why you’ll find a little bit of the Caribbean in every piece of music he makes.

The only current project that Mr. Shammi is willing to talk about is the plan that he has for outside the US. He has been received very well in countries in both South America and Europe. He has great plans for both of those regions but what those plans are exactly he refuses to say. He has just hinted that he plans on expanding his EDM arsenal through the venues he attends in South America and Europe. Collaborations are another thing that he touched upon. He said that there are a few exciting collaborations in the works that are sure to excite people that even loosely follow the EDM and DJ scene.

As for what the future holds for Mr. Shammi, no one can quite say for sure. He believes in living each moment in the present so there aren’t any particular plans for what he intends to do. He is currently quite satisfied in seeing what a future in the music industry looks like and what he can do to make sure that people are able to listen to his music. As an artist whose music is centered towards that younger demographic, he shares their way of thinking. 
He truly believes that every day is a new story to tell and no one can be sure of what that story will be like. He imagines that whatever happens, it will be an exciting time and will make for a story that he can channel into his music. That way he hopes he can express himself truly and try to make other people feel the same things he feels when he plays his music. That is the only proper future prospect that Mr. Shammi has, to make sure that he keeps on producing music and entertaining all the people of the world.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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