Inherent Traits of Snarfee’s

Snarfee is a Midwest United States based electronic music act, personified by their fun and lovable characters, the Snarfees. The following is a description of Snarfee’s philosophies, which they express through their creative medium with humanity… which is of course, music!

Snarfee’s do not appear to age once adulthood is achieved, symbolic of their heart and mindset of remaining forever young and enjoying a life of happiness, peace and joy. Just as humans, Snarfee’s have eternal souls which regenerate and reawaken after death, returning to once again live a joyous life and bring happiness to others. Snarfee’s are attracted to resonant consciousnesses as well as harmonic and sub-harmonic frequencies. This is what gives them their strong empathetic ability and allows them to use the emotional power of music to raise the mood and vibration of others. Because Snarfee’s have an immortal soul, as humans do, they confidently recognize their abilities as limitless, yet always remain modest and humble. Snarfee’s naturally seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding for the purposes of experiencing transcendence, or higher levels of spiritual and conscious experience.

Snarfee’s debut album title track, Arrival, portrays the arrival of the Snarfee’s into the human world. Travelling here upon the light, accompanied by the unique sounds of their homeland, the mystery of life beyond human existence has been solved. The current state of consciousness in the human world has paved the way for the arrival of Snarfee, as well as the welcoming of the lifestyle they portray. This is best defined by their philosophy of balance and oneness within nature and among all life forms. Another track from their debut album is Club Dreams, which is a simplified account of the complex range of emotions shared by Humans and Snarfee’s alike when our respective beings become of age. Life and love are celebrated in Snarfee’s world in a pure manner. The Sun Passes Over It is a message of hope to those who have experienced loss. Though emotional pain and suffering may last forever in some capacity when one experiences loss or trauma, the sun brings the healing winds of time to help us heal.
Reawaken: This song is a description of what happens to humans and Snarfee’s after the body releases the life force contained within. Alma Imortal (Spoken in Portuguese, translated: Souls Immortal): This piece portrays the idea that the natural yearnings of the soul is for unity and transcendence which are two truths, intertwined and always longing to move uninhibited. To the Sky: This piece is about the freedom found in a boundless existence, as the Snarfee’s experience daily in their homeland. Their hope is to one day see humanity experience true freedom as well. Way Away: Once again, the longing for new experiences and the exploration of all that is life beckons the Snarfee’s to travel “way away, up so high.”

Snarfee’s live one hour performance, to be recorded in a beautiful lake forest setting surrounded by bluffs and thousands of acres of natural beauty, will feature some tracks previously released and will introduce several new tracks as well. This particular mix will blend trance, trap and dubstep styles and will give each listener a unique experience, as all included pieces are great for dancing, meditation, and chill, among other emotional expressions. Snarfee’s music is written to naturally facilitate the full spectrum of positive human emotion. Watch the website and social media channels for release teasers and details. Snarfee is currently about midway through production on their second album (yet to be titled) and promises more focus on their happy, youthful trap style.

The Snarfee logo utilizes familiar human symbols to more easily and accurately portray the philosophical stance that is common among the entirety of the Snarfee race, to humanity. The circle and the cross is an ancient symbol for “earth”. The earth has always connected Snarfee’s and humans and is our common heritage. That fact remains a mystery to most. The first quadrant of the Snarfee logo contains the Celtic tree of life. This is quite literal in one sense since Snarfee’s feel very connected to nature and enjoy being around trees. In a symbolic sense, the trees are respected for their long life, wisdom, their giving nature and connection between the earth and the sky. The second quadrant contains one leg of the Triskelion. 

This is reflective of the Snarfee’s belief in the importance of always moving forward, always seeking transcendence, and always growing in spirit. In a more literal sense, it is how they approach their art… always seeking to create works of art that are naturally highly resonant with the souls of the listeners they reach. The third quadrant contains the mathematical symbol, Aleph Null. Snarfee’s recognize the limitless power of their own race as well as that of humanity. The fourth and final quadrant is, of course, the face of Snarfee. Wide eyed, full of life and imagination, wonder and creativity, the Snarfee’s long to create and share joyous experiences for all and with all that they encounter. Snarfee is about love, happiness, intensity, pure joy, fun, dancing, oneness, retaining our youth, and living life to the fullest. Their music is written with passion and purpose and their hope is that their art can help bring all worlds together for the common good of us all.

Quotable Lyrics of Snarfee

Light and sound, traversing the sky
Worlds away, crossing collide
Mysteries solved, connection defined
Universe, fate, life has been primed

Club Dreams:
In focused anticipation of what is true, pure and bright
Intense signals are racing through my body, they are taking over my thoughts
Walking into the room, my eyes chasing faces, I am looking for you
Dissonance and unrest are the vibrations of my soul, and you are my resolution
And like a lightning rod, I am pierced by the loud crack and the light
Fire and sparks fly everywhere, as I am aware your presence is near
Your eyes find mine, I can feel your soul reaching, seeking
Forces combining, electrified, this is the beginning and the end
Intermingling in hyperspaces, consciousness, the light that burns everything
Our hands touch and I pull your body nearer to me

The Sun Passes Over It:
The Sun Approaches, Traversing the Sky
Power Intensifies, Shining Bright
Souls Become Whole, Broken by Life
Transforming Pain, Into Love and Light
Carrying with it Time, The Healing Wind
Removing Shame, Renewing Minds
The Old Has Died, The New Begins
Redemption Complete as
The Sun Passes Over It
Alma Imortal:
Alma imortal, fibra inegável, pega a sua coragem, aparentemente imprudente,
Capaz, poderoso, incontrolável e sábio,
Ele experimenta tudo e leva apenas aquilo que o torna mais forte
O tolo pensa que ele dominou, controlou ou pôs fim
O mais sábio vai confiar, deixar ir e seguir a seu caminho
É a única entidade que nos guiará
Todo um e o mesmo, indistinguíveis, movendo-se como um
O fim é o seu começo, sua natureza, como se move através de nós todos

Souls Immortal:
Souls immortal, fabric undeniable, it lends to it’s bravery, (it is) seemingly reckless
Capable, powerful, unmanageable,and wise
It experiences all, and takes on only that which makes it stronger
The fool thinks he has tamed it, controlled it, or put it to its end
The wiser will trust it, let it go, and follow its lead
It is the only entity that will take us there
All one and the same, indistinguishable, moving as one
The end is its beginning, its nature, as it moves through us all

You have Travelled So Far
And You’ve Returned Once Again
Your Light is So Bright
Lustrous, Intense and Powerful
Rest Now My Love Come lay it all Down
Take Your Leave Fully, The New Day Will Come
Your soul now sleeps
Love surrounds you
Your soul is at peace
You, my dear, are loved
Your soul feels no pain
You are truly free
Your soul is renewed
Come my love

Though the Snarfee was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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